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How well do you understand security matters?

During the rise of modern technology, the protection of personal and business communications is vital. This places precedence on security issues, emphasizing the problems with unwanted third-party listeners on confidential conversations, as well as private messages. It isn’t only your private conversations under jeopardy, but also the integrity of your account as a whole. To counteract the security breach, most popular messengers have encrypted voice and text communications which protect their users from MitM attackers. However, the weaknesses of account identification of the messengers can be exploited. Simply stated, the main user ID for an account is a mobile phone number, therefore, in order to breach an account, you only need to know the phone number and the one-time password that is sent by a system over SMS.

How hard is it to get access to your account if a malefactor knows your mobile number and able to intercept your SMS or listen to a voice call with the authorization code?

The distinctive feature that separates CallsApp from leading competitors is it allows the user to create a username and password during the registration process. CallsApp then asks the user for their phone number which is not related to user ID but used for two-factor authentication only which assures the user that nobody can access their account without their permission. Neither SMS nor PIN-To-Speech methods are used for sending the authorization code, but rather a phone call is placed instead that transmits an OTP in the caller ID. Therefore, in order to log into a CallsApp account, you must know the username, password, phone number, and OTP sent by the system through a phone call that makes it impossible to breach a user account.

Compare the CallsApp with the most popular messengers.
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AI powered assistant
Anonymous rooms
Chat auto-translation
Call recording stored locally
Calls on mobiles and landlines
CRM integrations
File sharing
Follow me feature to any number
IM, chats and group chats
Multilingual broadcast channels
Multiple calls handling
Roaming free option
SMS messaging
Task manager
Transfer a current call to any number
Video calling
Video messages
Virtual Phone System
Voice calling
Voice massages
Working on multi devices simultaneously