What is CallsApp’s Roaming-Free Data?

  • Roaming-Free Data: CallsApp Worldwide lets you use mobile data while traveling abroad without incurring the high roaming fees that often come from traditional cell phone carriers.
  • eSIM Technology: The service uses eSIMs (embedded SIMs) within compatible devices. This eliminates the need to physically swap SIM cards when you travel to different countries.
  • Wide Coverage: They offer data plans in over 80 countries.
  • Flexible Plans: You can choose plans with either 30-day or 365-day validity periods.

How it works:

  1. eSIM Compatible Device: You’ll need a smartphone or tablet that supports eSIM technology.
  2. Purchase a Plan: You use the CallsApp to browse available data plans for the countries you’ll be visiting and purchase them directly within the app.
  3. Activate and Connect: Once you’ve purchased a plan, the eSIM profile is downloaded to your device. You can then activate the plan and start using data as if you are on a local network in that country.


  • Avoid Roaming Fees: Save a lot of money compared to traditional roaming charges.
  • Convenience: No need to find and purchase local SIM cards in each country you visit.
  • Flexibility: Choose the plans that best suit your travel needs and duration.


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